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Interactive Displays for Education & Business

Touch display solutions that promote collaboration and ideation

Clear Touch® interactive panel series offers your organization a variety of hardware options so you can be sure to choose the panel that will fit best for your workflow. Both series comes with U.S based national customer-support, a best-in-the-industry lowest failure rate of less than 1% as well as a variety of warranties and professional development training. In addition, both interactive panel series can be customized with our line of accessories such as fixed or mobile stands and wall mounts, WiFi Modules, integrated PCs and more.


PC Modules

Clear Touch® panels offer five levels of PC modules for enhancing the power of your interactive panels. You can purchase your panel with a PC module or upgrade down the road.


Eliminate downtime.

With a removable, onboard computer, maintenance is easy. No need to move the entire interactive panel just to fix the computer module. Should you ever need to repair or upgrade the computer, simply take out the PC module and send it in for servicing. While you’re waiting for the maintenance to be completed, connect wirelessly with your laptop or tablet or use another PC module or integrated android and continue using the panel.


Make set-up simpler.

Choosing the PC modules standardizes and simplifies the process for your IT department. This PC is easily manageable over your network so you can do it yourself. Or Clear Touch® offers to load programs for an additional service cost.


Ready to Purchase?

Contact a SchoolHouse Technology representative at 1 888 465 9919 or click below to send us a note.

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