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Padcaster Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod

Padcaster Fluid Head Tripod_Monopod3.png
Padcaster Fluid Head Tripod_Monopod.png


Built tough with the versatility you’ve come to expect from Padcaster, the Fluid Head Tripod/Monopod is perfect for the Padcaster iPad line, Smartphone Verse products or any camera. It’s all aluminum construction means it’s ready for the abuse that comes with any shooting situation and it’s back-folding legs make it small enough to clip right onto your backpack.

Featuring a fluid pan and tilt head with a 13.2 pound capacity, you’ll feel confident that your camera is safe and balanced. Two ball level adjustments ensure your shot’s on the level, even when the ground under you may not be. With it’s three section legs and telescoping center column, the Padcaster Tripod/Monopod can extend to 71 inches, while also folding down to only 22 inches for compact travel or storage.

Looking for a true on-the-go solution? Unscrew one of the Tripod legs, and attach it to the removable center column to create an ultra-portable monopod. Other features include a 3/8-16 accessory interface to mount additional equipment, removable spike feet for shooting outdoors, a spring-loaded hook for adding extra weight, a spare 3/8-16 screw pre-mounted in the tripod head and a weatherproof zipper carry bag for added protection.


Fluid Head with 25 degree angle adjustment

Converts to monopod with both pad and tilt functionality

Removable center column for underling mounting

Full extension -  71 inches 

Folded size - 22 inches

Maximum load capacity 13.2 pounds

Three section clip-locking legs

Telescoping center column with spring loaded hook for adding weight

Standard quick-release plate with permanent stopping plug holds 1/4-20 screw in place

3/8-16 expansion interface on head

Removable claw feet

Comes with weatherproof zipper carry bag


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